I cannot add a blacklist to the IP list

Hello, I’m new in this world - I’m asking for help.
I want to add blacklist from GitHub - stamparm/ipsum: Daily feed of bad IPs (with blacklist hit scores)
After trying to add, I get an error as shown in the screenshot below:

I suspect that the reason for this error is the additional column next to the IP address

how to deal with this problem? Will it be possible to fix it from the web interface? do you have to log in via ssh?

You need a script that removes the umber of matches as it is not valid ipset format …

How to do that?

Hello @Cieptak,

If you don’t know how to create the script or don’t want to do it, you should use one of the raw ip lists they provide.

In directory levels you can find preprocessed raw IP lists based on number of blacklist occurrences (e.g. levels/3.txt holds IP addresses that can be found on 3 or more blacklists).

So if you want to use all the the ips in ipsum list, use this url for level 1 list:

Maybe a level 1 is too much and you want to use level 3 list:

So you don’t need to use any script, just the url.


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