I can't find the last version


Folowing the release of 1.30, I wanted to update my server (Debian 10).

  1. When I go on the panel : Server -> Updates. It doesn’t show anything to update.

  2. Using the command v-list-sys-hestia-updates, it displays 1.24.

  3. Using apt-get update/upgrade, it updated only hestia-php and hestia-nginx but not the hestia package.

  4. After all of this, I restarted the hestia service but nothing changed.

Is there a way to activate it?

Thank you.

apt update && apt upgrade should give you the 1.3.0 package aswell. What’s your OS?

I am using Debian 10.

I also precise that I had disabled the auto-update.

Can’t reproduce it here, just updated our demo infrastructure which uses debian 10 - all packages are up to date.

That is strange. This is a fresh installation (from a week ago) in which I changed nothing.

So the only way is to reinstall the whole system?

I just did apt-get update again and it found the last versions of hestia-php and hestia-nginx (7.4.11 & 1.19.3).

Try an ‘apt clean all’, prior to upgrading?

BTW, now that 1.3 is out, should I change anything on the previously RC VPS?
I’m thinking about this command specifically:

v-update-sys-hestia-git hestiacp main install

(Perhaps related to the OP question.)

No, just trigger apt update && apt upgrade, it will install the propper release version.

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A reinstallation should not be needed at all, please try @AlwaysSkint suggestion to run apt clean all && apt update && apt upgrade - if it doesnt help run apt install --reinstall hestia and check if it installs 1.3.0.

Actually, this was the case for me too.
I am also running Deb10 and had a fresh install last week.

So you mean you have the same issue?

Not quite the same, i’m just sharing my experience.

I’m not familiar how the panel shows if there is an packages that is not up to date or not.
But apt update & upgrade did the job.

This screenshot is from another server that hasent been updated yet. Also running Debian 10.

I did try to tick all the packages and update from panel, that gave me and 500 error:

I had to update manually with apt, and that solved it.

This isn’t a problem for me, but there will always be someone who is not comfy with cli.

The update process takes longer than usual, due to the rebuild of configs. If you run it over the backend, it will land in a timeout / 500 internal error. There is already another thread handling that issue. But glad that you got it working with apt :slight_smile:.