I can't log in to the panel

I can’t log in to the hestiaCP panel.
I enter admin, on the next page the password. I am thrown again at entering the user name and so on indefinitely. At the same time, the input form does not say that the password is incorrect.

The last thing I did was set 0 in the Inactive session timeout so that the admin user would not log out permanently.

*Free space on ssd - over 100GB
from another browser, the same situation

I changed INACTIVE_SESSION_TIMEOUT SET ‘60’ it in the file /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf and everything worked)))
we need to fix this “bug”

It should work as intentend as 0 != unlimited if you really need a longer time out increase it to 86400 or even higher I you login once a day on the server you will get logged out.

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