I can't login to my Hestia cPanel

Hey mates,

Please I need help, I changed my password the last time I logged in and saved it in my file but then anytime I tried to login it kept on saying invalid login details. I have used over 24 hours to find solutions to this, read almost all the post concerning that, I’ve tried to change the password through my root server and even after the command I’ll put the new password yet I’d still get the invalid login details error message. I’m really frustrated with the process and I don’t know what to do again. Please y’all I need help, I’ll appreciate any help I can get please. Thank you.

Hello @Phaxsam,

So you changed your password using this command?
v-change-user-password admin 'HereYourNewPassword'

Open a private/incognito window on your browser and try to login again with your admin user and the new password.

If above instructions to login using private window on your browser doesn’t work, show the output of this command:
v-list-user admin json | grep LOGIN

I just tried this now and yet I can’t still login.

Here it’s…

That’s your problem, you enabled the use iplist but you didn’t add any ip.
v-change-user-config-value admin LOGIN_USE_IPLIST no

And try to login again.

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On it right away!

So should rechange the password after that or I should just login directly?

Just login again.

Okay…thank you, on it now

Okay so it works now and it’s asking for 2FA Token which I never set actually, how do I get away with that now?

If it asks for 2FA is because you enabled it :stuck_out_tongue:
v-change-user-config-value admin TWOFA ''

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Aha, It never asked me that before…

Running this now

Haaa @sahsanu thank you so much!!!

It works and now I have logged in!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Can you drop me your social handles, all and let me follow you up!

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v-delete-user-2fa will also work :slight_smile:


Aha…the first @sahsanu gave worked and I’m in my account now

I’m glad you are able to login again, enjoy HestiaCP :partying_face:

I don’t use social media so… :wink:


Aha…Thank you so much for the help!

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