I Cant make sub domain

i cant make sub domain , how to solve this problem?

Remove the alias www.yourdomain if you don’t want to use it or create the record for that subdomain in Cloudflare.

i have made in cloudfalre… the real case is… it is normal if i am using domain dot com, but i always failed if using dot co.id

i cant activate SSL https for domain co.id, but it is normal if iam using domain.com

cant acces that URL, infact it was right

Create a Lets Encrypt ssl from Hestia. Then go to Cloudflare ssl. There you should see something like this:
Choose the one that doesn’t cause redirects.

after i switch to full (strict) the view like this

i try to activate SSL again from hestiaCP

but the result is below

i need sugestion and solution to solve this problem


always failed after i klik SAVE

appear below

Again, you DIDN’T add an A record in Cloudflare for www.brankas subdomain:

1.- Add A record in Cloudflare for www.brankas

2.- Disable Cloudflare’s Proxy for brankas and www.brankas

3.- Edit the domain again in Hestia and issue the Let’s Encrypt certificate

4.- Once you get the certificate, enable again Cloudflare’s Proxy for both subdomains and set SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full Strict.

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The www.brankas hostname will not be able to obtain a Universal SSL certificate from Cloudflare due to the subdomain being too deep. That name will either need to be DNS Only in Cloudflare or will require an Advanced Certificate Manager Subscription to allow Total TLS. Alternately, one could choose to only use the name without the www.

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Dear sir,
after i switch to flexible,

the result subdomain is normal, below …


need suggestion to solve this problem

You should never use Flexible. It is insecure and deceives your visitors. It also causes redirect loops like the one you are experiencing.

You should only ever use Full (strict) encryption mode at Cloudflare.


Yes thks very much… but if i use full ora full (strict) the result for subdomain erorr… how to solve this problem ?

Already answered.

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