I find that sometimes some HestiaCP services are down

Hi guys.

Besides here I’m going to leave the query in the HestiaCP group in Spanish, but I think it’s important for any user.

I have a concern (which turns into a problem from time to time).

Suddenly I find that some HestiaCP services stop (dovecot, all PHP, and sometimes EXIM4).

I guess that somehow the server is giving me a failure and HestiaCP is not able to raise those services, the thing is that in manual mode I can raise them, but of course, I’m not always in front of the PC to be able to solve it.

In general I use Uptima Kuma to know the status of the websites I host, but there are times when it doesn’t show anything even though those services are down.

Is there any cron that can (for example, every 5 minutes) find out if something is down and try to get that service(s) up?

Or, on the other hand, if a service is down, can I be informed directly by email, Telegram or other means? In my case I am managing 14 HestiaCP and it is impossible for me to keep all panels open continuously.

Use: https://icinga.com or any monitoring service for it.

Als I have 6 Hestia host but never experience any downtime of some hosts so it might be something with the host server

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Check the log file regularly to see the error or warning message related to service failure. This can provide root cause of the problem

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Thank you very much for your ideas.

At the moment we are redesigning the website that we suspect is giving problems by removing everything that is not used or changing it for other things.

Since when we stop that website we have no problems.

Again thank you very much

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