I have a problem with WHMCS CRON

Hi I have a problem with WHMCS CRON.

My server is Debian 9, apache2, php-fpm, nginx, bind9, mysql, proftpd, cron, iptables and fail2ban

And then I want to add WHMCS Cron to, so it will be php -q or /usr/bin/php -q?

You can use both ways.

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Thank you so much!

And most buttons do not work in Chrome Bete.

To less informations here, please create an issue report on github and fill out all fields: https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/issues/new

Does HCP have a file manager?

There are already few threads about filemanager: File manager - when? some idea!?

Oh I see.
Thank you so much!