I have a question about restarting services

Hello, I am in version hestia 1.7.9, ubuntu 18.04, the thing is that every time I see the history, nginx, exim4, dovecot, apache2 appear that were restarted, could you tell me how to verify those errors.
I also installed the latest version of hestia 1.8.3, ubuntu 22.04 on another machine and those services also restarted several times, thank you very much

Are you checking service status from web-gui ?
Like this →

Please can you confirm the same from command line with systemctl status service-name
as below →

is it okay that the ssh port is doing that?, thanks

I really have no idea why web-gui is showing restart so often. while the actual status of service via terminal commad says otherwise.
yes the ssh message about ban and unban is not an issue. It is just banning some offending ip and unbanning after the block time period has expired.

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Services are reloaded most of the times but logged as “restarted”

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