I have two questions roundcoube and phpmyadmin

I have ubuntu 20.04 and the current hestiacp version installed as nginx.

I have the option of uninstalling round coube, but mail traffic should still go. (send and receive)

and one more question, can I put phpmyadmin on a subdomain? if yes how ?

RoundCube is responsible for email. I is Exim / Dovecote. You are save to remove it.

Yes create an template named phpmyadmin.tpl / stpl and add the config for phpmyadmin to that config file. Create an domain (or subdomain) and assign phpmyadmin template to it.

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i need for this a tutorial can you give me?

Please check

https://docs.hestiacp.com / https://docs.hestiacp.com/admin_docs/server_management.html#how-do-web-templates-work