I installed hestia but I don't know the password

Maybe I was clumsy, or I didn’t see the password in ssh during the installation. Now I can’t enter the panel. I’ve read before writing, but I can’t find a solution. Could someone tell me how to see my password?

run the command:

 sudo v-change-user-password admin password
sudo: v-change-user-password: command not found

What could I do?

Did you rebooted the server after installation? Also please login as root user instead using sudo - if not possible, do the following:

cd /usr/local/hestia/bin
./v-change-user-password admin yourpass

if reboot after install. I only need the login password.

I have placed the commands and this comes out: image attached

once again, login as root please - or use atleast sudo su. You’re a normal user there, it can’t work…

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It has worked for me thank you very much. your support is excellent If my website works without problems after installing everything, I swear to God that I will donate because your code is beautiful