I Killed Database Functionality | Need to Fix

Last night I updated the server with: apt update && apt upgrade

I remember an option came up saying something about databases. I read it twice but didn’t understand it. So I just selected Y.

However, today none of my databases are working. I can’t log into phpMyAdmin – and every website that had a database is now either dead or displaying a can’t connect to database error.

So yeah. I’ve done a pretty god job of butchering the server.

I am here here to see if I can get a point in the right direction as how to fix this mess I seem to have created for myself.

What’s the database service doing?
systemctl status mysql
You may just be able to restart it with
systemctl start mysql
You can also restart mariadb through the web interface, under the Cog icon

ok, just so you know, I am an absolute novice at anything in a terminal. This HestiaCP installation is my way of learning how to run HestiaCP, because I really love it. I’ve willing to learn. However, I just want to ask:

systemctl status mysql

Is that a command I can put into terminal?

I know how to ssh into the server.

Also, I hard reset the VPS a few times. Would that not reset mySQL if it was off or not functioning right?

Oh, the database service is dead. I guess I’m getting somewhere :slight_smile:

I put:

systemctl status mysql

Into terminal. And I got a lot of red text, saying “failed” a lot.

Hmm, so I used:

systemctl start mysql

…and server is green in the HestiaCP now.

I’ll go and investigate and see if my databases are now working.

And I saved those commands in a spreadsheet.

If the restart button isn’t working then its likely the upgrade replaced your mariadb configuration with something else when you typed Y.
On a command line “systemctl status mysql” will give you a bit more information.
You might also try “journalctl -e -u mariadb”
Edit: oh, looks positive if the icon is green.

I’ll just say that I can’t test properly right now because I have some other issues in relation to migrating the website… so I’ll go and work out what’s going on there, then I will come back to this thread and see if everything is ok. Right now I can’t log into phpMyAdmin… but I think that’s because I don’t know the username and database details properly. I’ve never logged into phpMyAdmin through HestiaCP before. I’ve got several issues at once going on here. Thanks for your help so far though :slight_smile:

What will the username and password be for phpMyAdmin?

Should it be the same username and password to log into the HestaCP account?

*The user’s username and password?

Use root and the password in /usr/local/hestia/conf/mysql.conf

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m in!

could be that apt asked if you wanted to deploy some standard config from the updated package. if unlucky this overwrites changes that might be needed to access mysql from hestia.

the config files hestia puts in there can be downloaded and reapplied.

however, it seems your mysql server just did not restart correctly, so if you now could start it, you might check, if your pages are back to running again…

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