I only have one nameserver (ns1)

I have another small VPS, wondering if someone could tell me if I can setup Hestia to host ns2? I already put my second VPS ip into my domain registrars settings.


v-add-remote-dns-host slave.yourhost.com 8083 admin p4sw0rd

For the command above, I just put my second VPS ip. This is all ? There is nothing to setup on the second VPS?

Yes Hestia

I have to install Hestia on my second server ? Because it says slave > master.

How do I check if its working?

I have error: /usr/local/hestia/func/remote.sh: line 26: return: Error:: numeric argument required
Error: api connection to slave ip failed

Slave firewall:

To Action From master ip ALLOW Anywhere
Anywhere ALLOW master ip
8083 ALLOW Anywhere
8083 (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)

Master server

To Action From

8083 ALLOW Anywhere
Anywhere ALLOW (slave ip)
8083 (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)

Is APi Enbaled on the second server?

Otherways is to setup zone transfer http://vestacp.com/docs/#how-to-enable-zone-transfer

API is enabled. In /usr/local/hestia/web/api there is only index.php.

I noticed php-fpm didn’t install? Only installed nginx and bind, nothing else. How can I install php-fpm again?

If you are using it as a DNS only it should be no issue to use only nginx. We install our own “PHP” version

The API should be enabled on the second server…

For the command

Probably something went wrong…

Could you please create a bug report at https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/

I made the bug report on github. So, what do I do now? I tried running the commands again to see if restarting the slave did anything, the first one is the same. The second one is new.

with sudo

/usr/local/hestia/func/remote.sh: line 26: return: Error:: numeric argument required
Error: api connection to slave ip failed

without sudo

/usr/local/hestia/bin/v-add-remote-dns-host: line 29: /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf: Permission denied
Error: DNS_SYSTEM is not enabled
/usr/local/hestia/func/main.sh: line 73: /usr/local/hestia/log/error.log: Permission denied

When I go into /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf


Sudo is a required command because /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf has root:root as owner and not readable by user.

Are you able to ping slave.yourhost.com from your main server?

I can ping my slave ip, yes.

I did some editing and now I seemed to have changed something, but all it tells me is “Error: dns-cluster doesn’t exist”. I can’t find anything on it? Only from a post from Vesta about .conf file.

Seen first post I posted every thing is explained

  1. Create user dns-cluster on a server which will be used as dns slave
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I made the user “dns-cluster” on the Hestiacp. Anyway to check if its working?

nslookup yourdomain.com slavednsip?

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Aloha fellas!

Nice to be seeing activities :smiley:

Anyway; it’s good to see this is all possible and I will probably setup my own DNS service but this will only be whenever hestia allows IPv6, until the time it isn’t enabled I won’t enable the DNS service.

dns already supports ipv6, so you’re free to go.

Wait what!?
Seems I missed some updates :confused:
Cool, but it doesn’t add IPv6 automatically on hestia yet right? Or is there a way to fix this by editing the default DNS template(if possible)

dns responds already on ipv6, also you can add aaaa records. But web and mail isnt configured yet to support ipv6.