I think it is a mistake to limit the forum to English

Continuing the discussion from Hestia en español:

Those of us who have a hard time expressing ourselves in English already know that the chances of getting an answer are much smaller if we use our own language, but there is always a user who speaks it.

I understand that English speaking users don’t have to go to the trouble of translating the query and the answer, but at least they should leave the possibility for someone to answer by not closing the thread, please.

Thank you.

I’m also not a native speaking english person, but we do not have the resources to maintain mod activity in different languages. For me, you would need to add german aswell, then spanish, french and so on. Translate everything with a translator isnt the target, that’s why the forum will stick on english only.

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I know there is demand from users to have non english native to have seperate forums. But

The main issue is that:

We don’t have enough knowledge to moderate any non English posts. And allowing posts created in Spanish would also “Allow” users to post in Chinese or any other language. That are not easy to moderated by our user base.

I know there are other comunites that have localised support for example a Telegram group in Spanish. For example: Telegram: Join Group Chat

How ever we don’t moderate it.

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I was only requesting that the threads not be closed, but I suppose that if this is not done, the number of queries in other languages will increase.

Thank you.


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