I want all users to use the subdomain(or hostname)

I want to add the username as the host name for the subdomain I provide.

subdomain = phisical hostname
hostname = username

v-add-web-domain-allow-users admin subdomain.domain.com

Error: subdomain.domain.com belongs to a different user

v-add-web-domain-allow-users [ all users ] subdomain.domain.com

How can I do the above?

v-add-web-domain-allow-users user domain.com

Maybe we could update the error message pointing in the right direction.

Error sub.domain.com could not be added because domain.com belongs to a different user. Please contact the system administrator to have him enable the xxx policy or run v-add-web-domain-allow-users sub.domain.com

Maybe I can’t do what I want to do.
I use some provisioning software to create an account.
In this case, permission for the subdomain must have been given beforehand.
It is not possible to identify the user in advance too.

Subdomains to domains owned by others
Domains are provided by administrators for users to use.

The command that eris provided allows it server wide


In settings

root:/usr/local/hestia/bin# v-delete-web-domain-allow-users admin subdomain.domain.com

I think I’ve done it.
Hestia is amazing.

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