I want to forward web mail to Gmail


I am trying for some days now to connect my webmail which is working very good in my site and get all the emails sent from the website to a gmail account email. I have a problem and i cannot do it because as i understand gmail only supports pop3 in order to receive email and i dont have such a choice in the email setting page as shown:
Thank you i will appreciate the help because it is my first webserver. I have done everything else and this is the only problem right now.

Just set it up over mail.domain.tld using pop3 and ssl ports, pop3 is provided by default.

You may also use imap

I tried that and I am getting an error message that it is denied. Can you give me the settings to use? Maybe I am setting something wrong.

How can I do that in gmail. Because I could not set it up. I thought that it should work but I could not find a way to do it.

Start here: “How to set up external non-gmail emails using IMAP within Gmail? - Gmail Community” How to set up external non-gmail emails using IMAP within Gmail? - Gmail Community

I read this thread and it says exactly what I have understand. It works through pop or with gmailfy which is imap but it not possible to set it up because it is grayed out. So I cannot use imap this way. I have to find a way for gmailify to work or make it work through pop.

Just open your Gmail account and look at the options there. There is an IMAP option. Have a look.

I have configured some accounts like this in the past.

You can also use POP3 and google for the default pop3 port with ssl / pls