Icinga2+Web+Director with HestiaCP?

I came across this GitHub - jaapmarcus/hestiacp-icinga2-tools and was wondering how does this integrate with HestiaCP in terms of the site itself?

In my case I have listen to monitor.mydomain.nu on 80/443 and I can use both Hestia and Incanga2 at the same time.

With the custom template so I can still run other websites on other domains if you need.

With the templates found here.

The hestia_check listed isn’t perfect how every helped me a few times when 8083 didn’t work for a few times

Want it more for mail monitoring. I seem to be missing something here though; even with the domain setup using both templates I still get the “We’re working on it page”.

Not sure if I’ve set this up correctly.

I’m on Apache + Nginx

Templates I provided are for nginx only if you use. Nginx + Apache you. Need different templates

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