[IDN Mail]Gmail says:550 relay not permitted

A few weeks ago, I created an idn e-mail in the panel, which looks like: [email protected] TLD. After testing, gmail and hotmail can write to it and receive letters successfully. But after reinstalling the panel recently, gmail and hotmail can no longer send mail to [email protected] TLD, gmail prompt: The following is the response from the remote server:
550 relay not permitted
Panel version: 1.16.10 and 1.16.11
OS: Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, 22.04
How to fix this problem please?

Check /var/log/exim4/mainlog

when i use gmail sent a mail to my idn mail, the log was:
2022-11-04 20:02:59 H=mail-ot1-f53.google.com [] X=TLS1.3:ECDHE_X25519__RSA_PSS_RSAE_SHA256__AES_128_GCM:128 CV=no SNI=mail.xn–8mr619f.pw F=[email protected] rejected RCPT <[email protected] TLD>: relay not permitted

ps: I don’t use the mail relay function in Hestia panel for my idn mail…

I am able to send successfully an email:

2022-11-04 16:48:19 1oqyvb-002nWD-JY <= [email protected] H=localhost (xxxx) [] P=esmtpa A=dovecot_login:[email protected] S=520 [email protected]

2022-11-04 16:48:24 1oqyvb-002nWD-JY => [email protected] R=dnslookup T=remote_smtp H=mail.xn--8mr619f.pw [xxxxx] X=TLS1.3:ECDHE_SECP256R1__RSA_PSS_RSAE_SHA256__AES_256_GCM:256 CV=no K C="250- 537 byte chunk, total 537\\n250 OK id=1oqyvg-000GkZ-Ar"

2022-11-04 16:48:24 1oqyvb-002nWD-JY Completed


Yes, I got your mail at my idn mailbox.

However, if you use [email protected] or [email protected], it cannot be successfully sent to my idn email.

The current situation is: gmail/hotmail cannot send letters to my [email protected] tld, but can send letters to my English email address, for example: [email protected].