I'm not getting email

Hello, I’ve installed HestiaCP on second server too with same setup as from my first HestiaCP server.

  • Ubuntu 18.04 with HestiaCP v1.1.1.

On the new server I can’t get emails, I can just send them.

E.g I’ve send a test email to my gmail/yahoo, but can’t reply.

The MX records for the domain are good: http://www.intodns.com/bostel.net

Email score test 10/10.

Hi @Amadex

What does your exim4 mainlog say - any incoming mail there? Also what happens if you manualy check the connection over telnet: https://www.sparkpost.com/blog/how-to-check-an-smtp-connection-with-a-manual-telnet-session/

Sorry, that doesnt help much :slight_smile:. Probaly you will need to find out why they are freezed -> http://bradthemad.org/tech/notes/exim_cheatsheet.php

Those frozen messages are irrelevant (outgoing emails), you should have a different when receiveing messages.

Have you checked as @ScIT suggested if the email server is accessible from the internet?

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Thanks for answers. If I find a solution then I will come back to post it.

Btw. the new server is based on OpenVZ 7, the first one ist KVM. But that should’t be a problem, because it’s container version 7 not 6.

Hestia has some issues with OpenVZ, I would consider to use a more up to date virtualization technology as you already did on your first server (kvm, also lxc/lxd works properly).

Port 25 looks to be closed on your server ip.

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I’ve contacted provider because of that and prior order I’ve told them to open all ports.

Btw. offtopic, I’ve added your panel to the list on my website https://www.lowendsupport.com/

Haha, thanks for that ‘soviet’ and welcome to Hestia :wink: just read your announcement thread on LET a couple days ago :smiley:

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The problem was with the provider. Hestiacp runs perfectly on Openvz 7.