I'm wondering nginx + apache or nginx only. Which one is more efficient?

Some people say that nginx + apache is good, but nginx only is better, what do you think and can anyone answer this question?

Nginx only is faster and uses less memory. How ever it is less user friendly due to the lack of missing .htaccess support…


Most popular cms and frameworks are dependent on .htaccess (WordPress, Codeigntor etc) thats why nginx+apache with phpfpm is a good choice. If you don’t need directory level modifications than you can go with nginx with phpfpm because nginx is more optimised.

Wordpress and most other CMS systems work fine on Nginx how ever require custom templates (Most of them are available within Hestia)


Yes, Hestia has Web Templates such as Wordpress, Laravel and many others, I use only Wordpres.:blush:

May I ask more? If I want to add this config to make this Web CMS work on nginx how do I do it?

Easiest way is to create a custom template, just copy the wordpress one: Web domains and SSL Certicates — Hestia Control Panel documentation


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