Imap dovecot problems


imap not working after sometime used. But after restarting dovecot, it working again good. then after some minutes, it not working again. connection are disconnected

378903 ExecReload=/usr/bin/doveadm reload

Please help me.


check dovecot log, without additional informations it will be impossible to help.

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Warning: fd limit (ulimit -n) is lower than required under max. load (1048576 < 99999999), because of default_client_limit

Max open file limit

This method notw working, ubuntu 20.04

and also auto imap conenction beeing stop

3664509 ExecReload=/usr/bin/doveadm reload (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)

dovecot auto are running ExecReload

Please can you tell me why it are ExecReload

please help me. I have many server. all server same issues. dovecot’s being auto disconnected

After restart then gain worked 10 min then again not working

I need urgently fix it