Import back up zstd

hi? I have a back up with one website compressed in zstd.

how can i do for transform folder/files in gzip ? or just decompress files and read .


thank you but i don’t have access serveur, i have just file “domain_data.tar.zstd” and i don’t know how read or import it.
if i had in gzip, i haven’t this problem.
thank you for your help

How to extract .zstd file

Follow the instructions below or use WinRAR 6.10 or later to unpack .zst files.

How to extract the domain_data.tar.zst in windows using zstd.exe

  1. Download and unzip zstd.exe. It is available on the zstd GitHub.
  2. To decompress the backup, use the following command:


{dir_to_zstd}\zstd.exe -o {dir_to_file}\{file}.tar.zst

For example:


C:\Users\{user}\Downloads\zstd-v1.4.4-win64\zstd.exe -d c:\Users\{user}\Downloads\admin.2021-06-27_05-48-23\web\{domain}\domain_data.tar.zst



C:\Users\{user}\Downloads\admin.2021-06-27_05-48-23\web\{domain}\domain_data.tar.zst: 61440 bytes
  1. Use your preferred program to untar the resulting tarball, and you are done. In this case, the tar was outputted to: