Improvment suggestion for Remote Backup with SFTP

Hello Community,

I would like to propose a possible improvement to the Remote Backup procedure, when using SFTP. Now (Hestia v1.0.5), there seems to be no option to login to a remote SFTP host using a key file instead of a password.

Having an option for SFTP with key file login, will certainly make the admins who have disabled password authentication in their servers, happy :slight_smile:

Hello Felix, if you have SSH Key auth already configured on the Hestia server (root user) and uploaded the public key on the remote, then just enter a invalid/random password for sftp remote backup server when adding it to Hestia.

To confirm that ssh key is setup properly:
sudo sftp -o Port=22 [email protected]
(backup scripts are running as root so testing with sudo is mandatory)

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