In case I get hit by a bus, anyone here provides 24/7 paid support?

Just wondering if anyone here runs a company that can manage and support a HestiaCP Debian 11 instance running on my Vultr account? It’s 15 websites on nginx, WordPress and MariaDB. No email and No dns.

There are many companies that manage other panels, but I much prefer HestiaCP over everything else.

Thank you!

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I’m willing to discuss your needs. I’ve been managing Linux servers for over twenty years. Hestia is my preferred panel when I use one.

Not 24/7 support… No not possible…

I can give you support but price is set at 100 USD / hour


Your support prices are too generous.
but yeah I think paid support is key.

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So if you get hit by a BUS… how will you ask for support and pay any of us??? :rofl:
THAT would not be support… that would be a successor to be named for your clients/users…

a) suggest to agree on installing an ssh access key and admin user for future use
b) as eris says, 24/7 seems to be difficult to say the least, however, short notice action/resolution could be achieved IF a) is in place…
Happy to discuss further…


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Hy, just send me a mail and lets get in touch: Kontakt – A-SQUARE GmbH or 30 Minuten Termin | Alexander Christanell


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I need to review my price :slight_smile:

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Removed …