In every hestia update my nginx file are change, How to prevent it?

I have an issue. In every Hestia update, My node.js Nginx file is changed.

Can anyone please tell me how to prevent it. I run a few node application. So now every time Hestia cp auto-update my Nginx file updates too. then all my node application stop and need to reconfigure the Nginx file again. So any idea how to prevent the Nginx file change issue?

Hmm, probaly still to small?


But this is for the entire server, I want to change some specific domain or application only, then I do?

mv default.stpl do-not-touch.stpl

cp default.stpl do-not-touch.stpl
default.tpl do-not-touch.tpl

Makes more sense…


If you need you can also hardcode the port number

Hi @eris ,
thank you for your clarification. One more question I used ghost CMS based on node application, Now here one new problem comming,

I can not declare different port from this way, Like with. %proxy_ssl_port% it’s generate default SSL port. So I need to add a different port for each application.

I have confused about the app.sock file and how I can put data and create it. Actaully I create one manually but unfortunately, it’s not working. any idea how to put here different port for each node application?

Note: I need to do like this way

listen %ip%:%custom_port%;

if any idea please share with me.

Thanks you