Initial server/host/domain setup


New to Hestia here. Need some clarification on best practise for the initial setup.

A breakdown of what i did.

  • My setup is a Debian12 droplet on digital ocean.
  • I took registered at an external host and changed the nameservers for mywebsite(.)com to digitalocean’s nameservers.
  • i added the domain to digital ocean and add an A record for server(.)mywebsite(.)com pointing to my droplet/server IP.
  • i added letsencrypt to my subdomain. Its working fine.

So couple of issues for me here, i come from directadmin.

so first i’ve added mywebsite(.)com under a new user account. I like to test email/roundcube, and actually managing dns from hestia. But i need some direction on the initial setup:

  • Should i change the admin domainname to and add the subdomain in dns within hestia to use as hostname?
  • If my hestia vps is running on digital ocean, should i (for ease of use) always use digital oceans nameservers? Or should i set Glue records for mywebsite(.)com so i can use my own nameservers within hestia?

Sorry for the long thread, just need some directions from someone who got it running. For me it needs to be as easy as (1) change domainname nameservers (2) add domainname to hestia user (3) be up and running.


im thinking of setting up glue records for Not sure how to proceed from there:
→ What changes would be needed to get back on the server again? I have no idea about hestia config files.

You have 2 options:

  1. Change the admin user package to the default package. And add mail support


  1. add a new user run v-change-domain-owner new user

And then v-change-sys-hostname (Change first in Settings → Security → Enforce subdomain ownership to no …

Alright @eris thanks for replying. Can we take a step back:

here is mentioned to keep the subdomain seperate in the admin account from the main domain.

What i think of doing now, is abandon digital ocean nameservers, change dns with the registrar, where i set my glue records for nameservers and A record. Than simply leave as if. I’ll use 2 dedicated ip’s for the glue records. This seems like the best way to me or am i missing something?

Follow the guide. Don’t fight it.

the guide only deals with the dns domain setup for NS, not what comes before, am new to digital ocean and their one ipv4 address per droplet policy, but figured it all out. Thanks for your responses.

It would be great if you could outline your procedure. I have also been puzzling over how to set up a DNS server when I have only one ip address.