Install FTP Server

Hello good morning.

I have installed HestiaCP and everything is working Ok, and I also already have several websites.

I have realized that I have not installed the FTP server, is there any way to install it but without having to reinstall the entire server again???Install FTP Server

Hello @FernandoGBJ,

You are lucky, today someone asked the same question :wink:

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And then how do I manage FTP users from the Hestia panel?

Every user you add in HestiaCP can access via ftp using their password.

OK, thank you very much, working.

Is there any way to make it appear to add more ftp users like when the full panel is installed?

You are welcome.

Edit web domain and at the end of that page, in Advanced options, you can add additional ftp accounts.

I am not enabled in the advanced options area and for adding ftp accounts to appear, that is the case that it does not appear, not even restarting the server.

Make sure to update hestia.conf to add vsftp in “FTP_SYSTEM”

Thank you very much, you have solved the problem of not having to reinstall 2 complete servers.

Thank you.

Didn’t you use the script I left in the other post? Because the script modifies FTP_SYSTEM option in hestia.conf file.

Yes, you used it, but it seems that you haven’t modified it for something… but hey, it’s fixed now.

thank you.

Ok, but it is strange, this part should had changed it:

# Change FTP_SYSTEM variable
sed -i "s/FTP_SYSTEM=.*/FTP_SYSTEM='vsftpd'/g" "$HESTIA"/conf/hestia.conf
echo "FTP_SYSTEM variable changed to vsftpd in hestia.conf"