Install Hestia on Centos

Question Hestia can be installed on Centos?.


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Currently no, there are thoughts to support centos in a later level, but for this we would need additional devs.

well, needed to get deb packages, manually unpack them, fix install script, make manually few symlinks, and use vesta-php binary instead of hestia-php :

this is not an actual install script, it’s side-notes i made while manually typing commands, but u r welcome to finalize it and use it.

also, i very much dislike new ui, so i’ve copied back vesta’s frontend php & css files

so, i have fully functional hestia on centos 8 (php 7.4 & percona), and’d be glad to participate in making official install script for centos. (including to compile binary that isn’t relying on…)


Hi @tomba2k

Sounds like you made some awesome steps forward here!

Would you like to contact us on [email protected]? So we could get on direct contact, which we would love to.

This is really relevant to me. But it doesn’t work for “clear centos 8 + stock update”.

What am I doing wrong?

CentOS 8 was never supported by VestaCP so probally the packages will never work

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+1 for RHEL/RPM based support. I have been using VestaCP on Cento 7 for a few years, but with RedHat dropping Centos 8 support, I will be looking at (most likely) Alma Linux as my next upgrade. With very few, good, working, control panels for Centos (Non premium), Vesta was my go to.

After looking at Hestia, I like the improvements over VestaCP and would love to move on over, but sadly, moving to Ubuntu/Debian is a deal breaker for me… at least for now…

As much as I want to see CentOS support. It’s really not worth wasting time on OS that is going to be for beta users… I started the migration to Debian for all my servers.


That’s what I think too. Since the panel simplifies everything and there is great support here, why stick to centos?

What is the real difference between hestia on debian vs hestia on centos?

If Hestia decided to discontinue the support for debian I would most probably switch to ubuntu and I would be very happy if that time the devs save would be invested in new functionality instead of compatibility issues.

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The difference between Hestia on CentOS vs Debain / Ubuntu is that Hestia isn’t supposed to work on CentOS currently.

The biggest issue with CentOS support is time and lack of intrests for the development team to invest the amount of time needed to get it working. As they don’t use it.

It is probably driving for years in an certain brand car and when you buy a new car al the knobs are on a different locations…

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So as I thought, no real reason. You can do the exact same things. Same security issues…

What I was really asking is what could be the advantage to stick to centos if Hestia were supported in centos.

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Main reason why CentOS is often used for servers / web hosting is that Cpanel is CentOS/Redhat only