Install HestiaCP on a Partition

Hey guys,

This maybe the first time someone has asked for such kind of help but I need it desperately :frowning:

I have a server with 2 partitions installed besides the swap partition of course!

First partition is 200GB and the second one 100GB size

I want to install HestiaCP on the 200GB partition instead of the 100GB.

I already have installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on the server :hear_no_evil:

Can someone guide me on how to SSH command it to install Hestia on the 1st one instead of messing around…!

The path where 200GB installed is at /dev/sda5

Your help is pretty much appreciated :slight_smile:

you need to work with partitions, infact hestia has the most content in /home, format the 200gb and mount it as /home should do the job.

@ScIT partition already formatted and ready to be used but from there I don’t know where to go, and please talk to me in terminal command instructions :smiley:


a google search for mount and another one for fstab should do the job - I can’t provide a step by step tutorial.

Rogere dude

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