Install Hestiacp with PMA_V 4.4.15

Hi everybody,
I want to install Hestiacp with the following versions:

multiphp_v=(“5.6” “7.0”)

I have edited the parameters on the file (hestiacpinstall/ at main · phucvietdhv/hestiacpinstall · GitHub)

and I have failed to install
ERROR: Install script version does not match package version!
Please download the installer from the release branch in order to continue:
To test pre-release versions, build the .deb packages and re-run the installer:
./ --hestia branchname no
./ … --with-debs /tmp/hestiacp-src/debs
My install files (GitHub - phucvietdhv/hestiacpinstall: install Hestiacp)
Help me please.

The error message contains the reason and also solution for your issue, not sure what to add. Download the installer file from release branch and do the modifications there.

Hi @ScIT
I have installed the packages according to the instructions but it still shows this error message

Use 5.5 instead of the full version number. But as MariaDB 5.5 is EOL I am sure no downloads are available.

Also you have updated the installer to version:

But probally use the packages of a different version.

You need to build the packages your self first