Install HestiaCP without installing Nginx

I want to use Apache alone without using Nginx reverse proxy. Is there a way to install HestiaCP without installing Nginx? If it’s not possible, I’d like to disable Nginx and only use Apache.

Officially not supported and some features will not work any more…

you do not have any disadvantage when you’re using apache2+nginx, while nginx is running in front as proxy - just try it out :).

I’m having trouble setting up the Next cloud reverse proxy, can you help me?

If the web server is behind the reverse proxy, you need to set trust_proxies and forward_headers correctly, but I don’t know how.

Nextcluloud works out of the box in debian at least.

I have been using a test nextcluloud install for 3 weeks in a row now and didn’t have any problem with the brute force login plugin. Maybe there is and I have not realized yet.

You say that the connections from nginx are counting as login attempts and that when you reach a limit, you will eventually be banned.

How do you know that the default config is getting it wrong?

I have Nginx+ apache so that only static files are served by Nginx and apache serves the rest and calls phpfpm

Thank you!

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