Install MySQL after the initial install

Hi folks,

I just installed HestiaCP for the first time. I choose PostgreSQL instead of MySQL. It now seems I need MySQL (MariaDB). When I look at my CP I do not see a “Database” option.

When I go to Server → configure → databases MySQL support is set to no. It is greyed out. I can edit it to alter the paramaters (number of connections, etc.), but I cannot set the MySQL Support to “yes”.

How do I get MySQL installed and supported by Hestia? And why do I not see the “Database” option in the top bar (Records)?

Create a different user. We want to “discourage” users to use the admin user to host websites for security reasons.

Thanks, I do see the DB option in the top bar there.
But I do not see any option to enable/install MySQL support?

The cogwheel is missing, even after making that user an admin.

There is no one who can tell me how to install SQL support after the initial install?

Follow the steps done by the installer script for mariadb/mysql. There is currently no modular/easy way.

How do I find those steps/the script?

depends if debian or ubuntu: hestiacp/install at main · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub

Alright, it’s well beyond my abilities to get all the variables and settings from that script and use it to just install MariaDB support. I guess I’ll start from scratch.

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