Install older version of hestia

Hello Community,

I want to install on ubuntu 18.04. Older virson of hestis since latest version dropped support for 18.04.

How can i achive this?

as dropped, not possible.

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I thought so. Thanks for your reply.

BTW just updated one of my 18.04 machine and working fine with latest hestia.

18.04 is EOL and PHP packages for our multi PHP / recent php version are not more available for free…

Same goes for Apache2 installs.

I undersatand extended suypport from ubuntu will require a pro subscription. I am using this server for my personal project and 18.04 was good enough for me. I have a plan to migrate to debian 12 after few months.

Few hours ago I run update on 18.04 and got latest (1.77) hestia, everything seems working fine. hope it stays that way!

just have a look at Operating system upgrades | Hestia Control Panel to be sure, all is working fine.

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