Install Passbolt CE with Hestia


Has anyone tried to install Passbolt over Hestia? I’d like to hold it in one of our servers which is already occupied by some sites. However, by the looks of the installation procedure, it doesn’t seem to be friendly for Hestia.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


I would suggest to not just run the setup script, as it adds some apt sources and tries to reconfigure your nginx possibly. also the part where it sets up a database for you is not needed, as you can do this within hestia itself.

I see two possible ways to try:

a) add the passbolt repo yourself and only install the passbolt-server package. this will require you to find out afterwards, where it puts the actual pages and you can then eventually fix the paths/permissions to make it work under a specific user and domain.

b) use the docker installation. a container can easily run in parallel without messing up your install and you can use hestia to simply proxy it through under whatever domain. of course you might need to check how to configure or adjust the docker.yaml etc.

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