Install removes all existing files in /home/admin without any warning

Sad story. I had vestacp before, then removed it from my system, but there was admin user at my system.

HestiaCP said it will remove admin user, but said nothing about removing admin files. I had my site in /home/admin and when I installed HestiaCP with -f key, it removed all my files. Though the message was it will remove user, and no words about files.

I’m very sad about it. I don’t want it happens with others. Can it be added the message to the -f key about files removal too?

Though, other Ubuntu packages don’t touch the files they didn’t create.

What is the point of removing all the files? Installation script could replace configuration files only, but also with suggestions for user to decide. It could change permission and ownership or at least move files to a “backup” directory.

Or at very least, give warning about removing not only user “admin”, but that the script will remove user “admin” files too.

Oh, it added me some gray hair. HestiaCP did backup. I just noticed, that file system size didn’t change and started to search. After second try I found backup of my old “admin” directory in /root/hst_install_backups/290120240026/home/