Install two wordpress on the same domain without a subdomain, with folder

I have a server with HestiaCP + Nginx + FPM, and I don’t use Apache. I’ve installed WordPress on a domain, and I’ve installed another WordPress in an internal folder. I’ve configured the permalinks in both WordPress installations as:


When I create a post in both WordPress installations, the main domain works correctly, but I get a 404 error in the internal folder. I’ve tried updating the permalinks in the WordPress installation in the folder, but it stops working on the main domain.

Is it possible to use two WordPress installations without using a subdomain, using a folder for the second WordPress installation, and only using Nginx without Apache? Or is it not possible?

Thank you, I look forward to your response.

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I’m going to try it again, but I think I’ve already tried something similar, and although it worked, it gave me wp-json errors in Gutenberg, in the WordPress of the folder.

Ok, I’m testing and it seems like everything is working now, thanks for the help.

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