Install with nginx 1.18.0 version

to some programe i need nginx nginx 1.18.0 version with hestiacp. but when i install hestia cp it auto install nginx 1.21.1. How solve this problem. please help me

I would suggest a combination of software installation - How to install specific version of some package? - Ask Ubuntu and a custom install scrlpt hestiacp/ at release · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub or the ubuntu one in the same folder.

Alternativ you can maybe try to uninstall nginx, reinstall it with the specific version set and place an apt hold on it, to prevent feature updates.

But: All of this steps arent supported in any way from hestia, it’s also possible that there are some parts which stop working due to the fact that it could need a current nginx version. Also I can’t provide a step by step guide because I havent done such a downgrade yet and also dont plan to do one.

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