Install with other mysql/mariadb version


Is there any chance to install mariadb 10.4 for example?

I tried something but no success:

  1. edited to get the from my location
  2. edited in my location to install 10.4 version for mariadb.

No luck, still the latest version.

Or… should i use mariadb 10.4 in docker?
Any ideeas?

Thank you.

Depends on the OS you are using…

I am using Debian 11 and 12. Can i modify to install a different version of mariadb/mysql or is impossible?

Debian 11 and 12 don’t support MariaDB 10.4 any more

Debian 11 Might support 10.6

It’s working to install mariadb 10.4 when using debian 10.
But you must edit mariadb version in file.

Yeah thats what @eris says above. Debian 11 have no support for MariaDB 10.4.
Probably Debian 10 support Mariadb 10.4.

So what you can do is running a server with Debian 10 but its not recommended because the LTS will be EOL by 30 Jun 2024.

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