Installation stuck here: Extracting templates from packages

Hi, I’m installing Hestia and I’m on Ubuntu 22.
After running the second command, installation stuck there.

It says “The process may take 10 to 15 minutes…”, but it never proceeds, I have waited here for 40 minutes, but…

I used Filezilla to see what was installed, and found some file related with Hestia already installed.
But the problem is that it didn’t proceed…



Seems it is stuck here:

apt-get -y install $software > $LOG

Take a look to the log just in case you can see more info. The log should be here (ReplaceWithTheDate should be the date and time of the installation):


Do you mean that I should run the command apt-get -y install $software > $LOG?
It is stuck there, I cannot input anything.

No, I don’t mean that, don’t execute that command manually, just check the log.

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