Installing plugins when installing WordPress

Hi guys.

I do relatively many WordPress installations from Hestia CP.

The thing is that when I install a new WordPress comes the tedious task of installing the plugins I use regularly (there are about 8).

I would like: in the same way that I install Akismet and Hello dolly (I don’t use either of them) to be able to load at the same time the plugins I need, including theme (but as it is premium I understand that it is more complicated as it is not in the repository).

I don’t want to go into the HestiaCP templates without knowing what I’m doing and have everything stop working. Could someone shed some light on this issue for me?

Hello Dolly and Askimet are part of Wordpress core

The only know method is to adjust the installer and add new plugins like we do with password-hash changes

I don’t really mind manually removing the two plugins, it’s already a chore.

What I’m interested in is to tell you a list of plugins (with their respective links to the official repository)

I know I can do it with a plugin like wp-favs, but it would be much more efficient if when I install WordPress from HestiaCP it would already give me the plugins I need.

In any case thanks for your answer

I have a base user with a base WP install.

Just backup the web, restore it under a different user and perform a search-replace in the database.

You may also have a cli command to download all the plugins via WP cli

Thank you very much for your idea.

The thing is that I have a local installation with the plugins, themes and other settings that I need even before I know the project.

Then with a plugin called “all in one wp migration” I take it to the new installation and I have it ready in one go.

I was just looking for a more efficient method to do the installation as a pack.

Again thank you very much

I didn’t make myself clear.

Create a new hestia user with web and database

Create a base web project. Every plugin installed and configured, every page, category, etc.

So you only have to upload the logo, set colors, texts and images.

Then pass a quality control.

Take a backup of that files and database with a script.

When you have a new project, have the script decompress files and dump the database.

Then perform a search-replace for the new domain in the database and there you go!

That is what I do.