Interface Roundcube stopped working after changing the PTR record

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Can you help me a lot, if someone knows the principle, please tell me
Roundcube interface stopped working
This is due when I was able to put a PTR record for the domain than before.
Now I open the webmail and see that the server is safely ready.
And the login interface for the mail account should be displayed.

A big request, if there is data for someone experience, please share


PTR records has nothing to do with Roundcube . PTR should be set in the DNS of your ip provider…

So more information is required

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I got a low rating on mail-tester com
And the error is stated to start in the A record of the server’s domain.
Then I created a domain for the server.
And I wrote down the PTR record for the IP address.
The roundcube works properly, it sends letters and I passed the test.
Then I decided to fix the low score and created a domain for the server.
Put the IP address of the server in the HC1 record
And made a slave server NS2
And then I added my NS servers to the domain record with mail.

And then the Roundcube interface disappeared.

Always before I have seen a message on the web page when domains are missing that the server has started successfully.
So it’s a matter of settings.
After all, the mail-tester service determines the PTR record based on the mail software.
I removed the domain, removed the mail domain, and re-created the web domain and the mail domain.
DNS records.
Anyway, instead of the Roundcube interface, a web page opens with a message that the server has been successfully started.

There is probably an issue with your DNS and or mail domain setup. But with out detail it is hard to guess…

PTR record has nothing to do with your server unless you own the ip space directly with ripe. It should be updated at the provider level…

You’re right.
The NS servers have been changed.
There were provider’s servers.
Now I’ve launched mine.
Set up master NS1
And slave NS2
On the new domain name assigned to the server.
Created DNS records for the domain in HCP
The webmail subdomain points to the server address correctly.
Let’s wait until tomorrow

I made a stupid move.
The creation of a new account and domain on a new hosting was preceded by the placement of this domain and site on another server.
Then, when I’m tasked with opening a site action on a new server, my mandatory rule obliges me to close the old server’s response.
I left it open and the DNS service will successfully receive the response of this site from one server, and from another.
Then accessing the webmail accidentally results in a response from the old server. And there the mail domain is missing.
So I was in a hurry and bothered you stupidly.
Excuse me
I apologize.

Best wishes

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