Internal DNS for my Domains

I have the following problem. After replacing the Standard DNS for Domains in the Hestia CP with and i now don’t know what’s my default DNS of named(BIND) on my Server for my Domains… How can i find that out… It begins with like that ns1. and ns2.

Thank you


Sorry i try to make it a little bit more clearer: In the settings for the default (pre-configured) hosting template i can enter the Name of the Name Servers.

There i replace the standard entries with and

What are the default (pre-configured) settings?

(After an untouched Hestia CP installation or better what should i set there?)

That was my question.

I hope this makes it a bit more clearer

Default name servers should be / It should contain your name servers and not the “general” / “google” name servers.

Currently you would be not able to use Hestia DNS…

Thank you. I already contacted my server provider and they said to me that they don’t have there own Resolver… I should use Google or Cloudflare instead…

You mean instead of

In /etc/network/interfaces/ (or /etc/netplan)

dns-nameservers to be used 

In the DNS templates you will need to supply your own name servers or use Cloudflare as an option.

Okey i can’t use Hestia DNS (named) as resolver… If i could what would happen than…

Too high server load??? Therefor i should use an external resolver?

I know that is a bad idea to use Cloudflare or Google DNS because they are intended for private use and not as a resolver for a server

For the server it self it is fine. How ever the name servers in the DNS panel tells the internet where the can find the ip addresses of your server.

For easy use Cloudflare

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can’t agree more with @eris

I think you are confusing the DNS resolution service that your server uses and the declaration of the DNS servers for bind.

If you are not going to host a DNS solution for your webs, then you are fine. Don’t touch anything. In case you want to host DNS for your customers or websites then do as @eris said.

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I’m a little bit confused. My server provider told me that they don’t provide own resolvers and i should use Google or Cloudflare instead. Now i have sent a request to my server provider what happens in the case i order a domain for my server - where then the DNS entries for the domain are…

Sorry but the whole thing is a little bit confusing… Perhaps i should study more about this to get better understanding

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sometime server provider doesn’t support dns management

okay, how about like this
you buy an domain, for example on domain provider

there will be several way, to resolve the dns.
either using cloudflare or your domain provider

if using cloudflare just change the name server into cloudflare name server
for example: , then starting creating A record using your IP server from your server provider
you using your own name server such as and that you have bind / glue / set into IP Server from your server provider
perhaps on menu “create nameserver”

as @eris inform

so your nameserver is fill with your IP server
for the example is like this => => => is your ip server

then you start creating A records

hope the short detail above can help your study to get better understanding :v::grin::beers:

I know what a DNS-Server is: It translates Domainnames into IP-Adresses

But now i have figured it out. The FullQualifyedDomainName (FQDN) of my Server is The xxxxx is my hostname in the internal network and also the subdomain part of

Now i have to make a WHOIS request of and i get the DNS Servers of my server provider

In realty you don’t need to do that because when you register a domain you also get the information about the DNS-Servers

But i was confused about that (because i also didn’t know what BIND was good for - or exactly what it does) so i want to make the situation more clearer

Sorry if you don’t know how set correct name server records in you domain contact your domain regristry.

Or switch over to shared webhosting



Excuse me, but i have to say to you that your last post is very inpropriate

The first time i ordered a server was 10 years ago

At this moment i began using ISPConfig and i’m still using it today

But after 10 years experience there are still basics to learn

Sorry for this post

Anyway did you manage how to set nameserver by now?

Ok if this forum is all about to argue (with somebody) or for provocation then i don’t need such “piece/kind of” software

P.S. For your satisfaction. I created a domain and it worked out of the box

And now i’m going to delete my profile here (if possible) and switch over to another software (solution)

this forum sucks

Good luck

Sure, wish you all the best!

PS: I just read again the whole conversation and can’t find any place where you had to argument or even got a discussion. You asked for basic (!) help, you got it multiple times and in an quality, which you’ll not find in any other web panel support. Then you declare yourself with 10 years experience, but on the same time, you don’t know what bind is? This would be the point to start an argument - but this whole project was build all in our free time, we dont get paid for it. So somewhere is the point to stop the support and point you to another way. Just my 5 cents to the story above.

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