Internal Server Error PhpMyAdmin HestiaCP 1.1.0

I get the Internal Server Error when I click on the button found on the HestiaCP admin dashboard.

It says:
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

  • Question 1: Where to look for log errors?
  • Question 2: Any idea what could be causing the error?

System: Ubuntu 18.04 on a 1GB RAM VPS

UPDATE: Haven’t seen the logs yet, but based on my observation, the issue only happens when using http and not https. So when accessing https://hestiacp.domain.tld/phpmyadmin - it throws an “Internal Server Error” or Unable to Connect.

Do you have a valid ssl cert for hestiacp.domain.tld? PMA is set to forced ssl/https since 1.1.0 due to security reasons.

Yes, Im using LE SSL for the HestiaCP domain.

FYI: I’ve done a test a minute ago, and phpmyadmin is not forced to https. Or would you mean Enable automatic HTTP-to-HTTPS redirection is ticked by default?

Tho I know the problem now - without looking into logs

It has something to do with Backend Template PHP-FPM, when this is set to no-php, the error occurs.

When either set to default or socket it works fine.