Invalid domain format

Hi there,
I’ve just finished a fresh install of Hestia on Ubuntu 20.04, but now I am getting the " invalid domain format" error when I try to add a new domain. I have looked it up here in the forum, but those answers refer to wildcards and the use of special characters. Mine domain (.online) has none if them but it is relatively new. I’d like to know if anyone has faced a similar issue and any pointers towards a solution if possible.

many thanks

I don’t see why is a invalid domain it should work fine…

Check /var/log/hestia/error.log

Hi there,
I’m getting a range of errors eg [Error 1] [Error 2] [Error 3] [Error 12] [Error 15] , here are the logs :
2022-10-31 15:40:47 v-add-user-sftp-jail ‘syslog’ ‘no’ [Error 3]
2022-10-31 22:55:53 v-check-user-2fa ‘admin’ [Error 1]
2022-11-01 15:17:21 v-list-user-auth-log ‘’ ‘json’ [Error 3]
I cant find the error codes yet so this is fun.

Thanks for the assistance the issue has resloved now.

describe how you solved the problem

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