"Invalid password" due to built-in default Bash function (critical)

Hello, my favorite community.

I have encountered what I believe to be a critical error when installing HestiaCP. I’ll write why it’s critical at the end!

I have a clean Debian 12 KVM installed by hosting.
The system has “history expansion” enabled by default (exclamation point (!) in Bash).

When initializing the HestiaCP installation, in the bash install command I added a --password option with a similar password - !7mypassword.
This caused me to be unable to log into the HestiaCP admin account, as the password was automatically changed to a similar password - command_from_history_bashrc_mypassword.

The command v-change-user-password admin didn’t help (even quotation marks didn’t help), as the same thing happened.
P.S. Installing via the web panel helped, I logged in because I realized what was happening and entered the password along with the command from history.

Could you please advise me how to disable this feature properly, where do I prescribe the command to disable it?
It seems to be set +H or set +o histexpand for bash and set -K for zsh, however where do I put them in?

Critical maybe because first of all the installation is clean, so it’s enabled by default in Debian, I’m not sure if the hoster could have changed anything there, although who knows what kind of mind my hoster is).
secondly, if it affected the installation bash and v-command, most likely the installation could be malformed, because somewhere in the script there would be a “!” or in some v-command that needs to be reproduced from the web-interface, could completely break the HestiaCP system.

Use single quotes around them

v-change-user-password admin ‘!newpassword’


Great, thanks, but why did the install not work correctly, I copied the command to install from Install | Hestia Control Panel
I’m more about this

I think it’s worth adding quotation marks to the setup command generator, at least

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