Invalid username or password after change password

Hi, after debian 11 update + hestia autoupdate there is problem with login via UI. Ftp, ssh works ok. I cant log in after changing password. I changed password beacuse the file manager returns unknow error. (this is for another topic). This happens for each account where password has been changed. Session file is created. In hestia auth log is login failed. Hestia proccess is running.

Any ideas?

Just to rule out any weird UI stuff, does it work if you change the password via command line. i.e ssh in and then use the command line to change the password
Usage: v-change-user-password USER [PASSWORD]
(with sudo if you’re admin)

Not sure if this is related to the file manager. As far as I know that works by adding an ssh key into ~/.ssh/authorized_users, and doesn’t use passwords.

Did you follow the instructions

Debian uses a different password encoding

Problem is I just update existing debian 11 not upgrade from 10 to 11.

Pluto: Same result is when I change pass from UI or v-change-user-password USER [PASSWORD]

Eris: sed -i “s/obscure yescrypt/obscure sha512/g” /etc/pam.d/common-password didn’t help, I’ll try to debug it and add info later.

edit: OK sha512 works! after pass change again, thx.

I am not aware of any updates for Debian 11 to last of Deb 11 updates cat /etc/pam.d/common-password

But at least it is working again

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