Invalid username or password for all 3 VPS


Today, I tried to log in to my 3 VPS and always get errors

Invalid username or password.

Is this error related to Hestia 1.5.13 upgrade?

Trying to login with ipv6? If so login with ipv4 only… Will get patched this week.

No, I log in via my subdomain ipv4 only.

Not sure what is the reason but after posting the question here then I went to sleep. After waking up I logged in normally.

What could be the reason at the time I can’t login and the system display “Incorrect username or Password” ??

“Default” response is always “Incorrect username or Password” to prevent users getting to much information when attemping to hack the server.

Check /var/log/hestia/auth.log

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There are only two lines in the log file

2022-05-02 01:50:14 admin 116.XXX.177.XXX successfully logged in
2022-05-02 01:50:33 admin 116.XXX.177.XXX successfully logged in

Does the log file not save the unsuccessful login?