Invalid username or password

Hello dears.
Can you help me, please,
I cannot enter the Hestia Control Panel,, apparently I made a mistake in entering the password, Invalid username or password.

How can I get it back?

Option 1:
Wait 10 min
Option 2: Login with ssh and delete your own ip from the ban list

Sorry, how do I do that, I don’t know how to do it,
I entered through the console, can you tell me where I delete the IP

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Thanks for the link. I did the following:
v-delete-firewall-ban My IP
v-delete-firewall-chain My IP
v-delete-sys-ip My IP
v-delete-user-ips admin

And I am still unable to enter as an administrator or as a user, please help

How are you not able to enter it? Does hestia load? Do you get a password incorrect message? More informations = more help.

v-delete-firewall-ban your ip HESTIA

Invalid username or password.

v-change-user-password admin password1234

Thanks there I was able to enter

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