ionCube Loader issue


i have installed the ionCube Loader to run a script.

by following this

after add : zend_extension = “/usr/lib/php/20190902/”

now if im click setting on php7.4 version its just showing: Usage: CONFIG

not showing all settings. even im remove these line im add in php file an restart server still showing blank only : Usage: CONFIG

second issue even after add that script still showing.
PHP Extensions
ionCube Loader Disabled

please help me to fix it.

Check your inbox.

Change the Php Version of your User Account and Domain to php 7.4. It comes with 8.2 by default. So your script may not run with php 7.4.

This is the easiest method

yes im already know that because im using multiple php version on different site

however i have still change default php version to 7.4 from users and domain.
check screen short

still script showing

second issue. when im go to setting and edit. php 7.4-fmp showing nothing there,

how to solve this. because for other domains i do setting from here for php.ini

this start happen when im edit the files

please help

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