Ip bans in banlist service web not active after reboot?

Hello all,

In the hestia webinterface, ip banlist (@ url :8083/list/firewall/banlist/) I have a few ips listed under the service ‘recidive’ that are probably there because fail2ban found them in the past.

I also have added a few ip’s manually under the service ‘web’.

It seems that, after a reboot of the server, the chain ‘recidive’ is still filled with the banned ips (which is good), but the chain ‘web’ is empty (not good). Both checked with ‘iptables -L’.

Only after a manually ‘v-update-firewall’ the chain ‘web’ is as expected, filled with the ips from the banlist.

Is this intended behavior or a bug?

Thank you.

it’s also interesting how to save banned ones after a reboot

That can’t be right

It looks intended in:

If you want to permanently block an ip:

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