IP is blocked but that IP event not on the logs or banned list

Hi guys, can’t open any site that on my hestia, can’t even open hestias panel page, my own IP is banned but that IP not even on logs list and not even on banned ip list, what can I do? and how to bypass this situation on next time? thanks

Try to access through proxy or VPN to change your own IP for a moment. Clear all DNS cache from your system.

ipconfig /flushdns - doesn’t work

Login with ssh and clear your ip from the bandits

v-list-firewall-ban to see your ip / list

v-delete-firewall-ban ip list

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that’s problem, there is no my IP

my IP is not on the list

check the firewall rules to see if your IP is banned or stop the firewall to see if it is your IP that is being banned.

service iptables stop

(try to see if it now works for 1 minute)

service iptables start

checked, same issue, that means IP is not banned, but what can it be then?

What makes you think that your IP is banned?

What are the exact steps that you perform and what exactly happens?

Do you get an error message?

If there is a blocking maybe you could use traceroute to see where it is.

now it’s open, probably cache issues, problem solved, thanks!

Hah, l didn’t know about v-list-firewall-ban and v-delete-firewall-ban! I’d been using fail2ban-client instead! We live and learn. Thanks eris.

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